Friday, August 18, 2017

Steadfast Motion

Time is our friend.

As the energies intensify--and depending on you who align with and what you read it can result in a multitude of different 'flavors' in its significance--as we march closer to the eclipse we also march closer to moving beyond it.

I am spending this time nurturing myself as much as possible.

I must.

I just got over an illness. I have lots of long work days going on. And I'm a single mom.

One of the things I do while I am taking it 'easy' is to think.

That's why I'm sharing with you the Om symbol.

It is the highest symbol in Karuna Reiki. Did you know that it's a Reiki symbol too?

It is.

Our teacher taught us it is the vibration of the Universe. The energy of OM is what 'makes everything go'.

It means way more than just jewelry or tattoo design.

I also noticed this is the ONE symbol that the Dark Ones--those who do not have our best interest at heart--haven't 'altered'.  Other symbols they desecrate. But this one? Hmmm, I don't know, did they forget?

It's both curious and fascinating.

I've also been on a rant with the Divine, reading them the riot act.

It's about suffering.

Creator Writings 8/17/19 said, 'Every moment you cried out to me I was there...every moment of your human experience is Divine'...

I told Creator to just take all those 'gifts' of suffering and exchange them back at the store.

I want nothing to do with them.

It's a horrible way to learn, and there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING 'Divine' about trauma based mind control programming, about starving children slaves in the Congo digging out cobalt from the mud, about torture...about being controlled by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I told Creator to stifle it and to get on with HEALING everything and everyone!

I'm done.

Then I found this article and I was like, AHA! and waving it in the face of the Divine--for nobody anywhere on my councils seems to understand how terrible and awful suffering really is to experience--even 'if' it is 'only illusion'.

Then I started hearing, 'you will have joy'...

Over and over as I went through my day.

'You will have joy'

There are so many things I can't understand.

Ross is very quiet, helping me only the minimum. I think he knows me well enough not to approach when I'm in this mood.

The last we really spoke, he was comparing the cannibals in the forests of New Guinea with their form of cannibalism to the kind of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. He's like, 'Carla? Would you fault them, the local natives, where it is their culture and tradition to eat their enemies and have done it for a long time?'

I wouldn't budge an inch on making the occult practices of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart any less horrible and icky than they already are.

I got his point. He was right. Logically. Culture is culture.

But my emotions wouldn't soothe. Not with all the ongoing practices.

Basically, my argument is this--I can forgive an asshole. BUT, that is only when there is the general agreement that an asshole IS an asshole. A child of God? Yes, of course! But a mean nasty junkyard dog of a soul who hurts people and strikes fear everywhere it goes? If you call it what it is--and I CHOOSE to forgive, I can.

The other thing is that the ones who are trying to ruin my reputation at work--in particular the colleague who is a 'whore'--that's the term for doctors who are expert witnesses against other doctors and who witness against the plaintiff--is 'going to pay dearly for what they did'.

I don't know how that will work. But 'you will have joy' and 'they will pay dearly' and the messages coming through from source.

Yesterday's patient I could have killed had I not had my cardiac fellowship and training. One stick of propofol injected fast and that would have been the end.  I was able to take care of him, and manage everything, and he woke up just fine.

I am good at what I do. And people like me. As long as I am able to do the work I will with an open heart.

I hate suffering. And I want my patients to go through surgery with the minimum of it, every single day.

Ross had also tried to explain to me that his death was much like in Anthony's video games. You just pop up and have a new life experience, it wasn't so bad...

I suffered with him. Divine Mother Incarnate says she saw his suffering too. It was real, on that timeline. It was horrible.

She also says that the mergings are still going on because the cruelty has to stop. The dark ones get the choice, heal or merge, and it's been going strong for quite some time now. It hasn't slowed down.

I'm so grateful Divine Mother is doing something to clean this place up.

This is why work keeps getting less and less fun. There's SO much red tape! It isn't at all like it was when I started my career. A surgeon wanted to leave a lap sponge in a patient as packing for an open wound. The nurses shot him down. He had to take it out and put something else they approved of in the wound. They didn't want to get in trouble...

Another surgeon told me a PACU  nurse discharges her patients home without an order. She goes to look at her patient to make sure they are okay before she sends them home, and they are gone. She says the PACU nurses turf everyone the second they wake up--an exaggeration--but she wanted our patient to void (urinary retention is a side effect of the surgery) and PACU made her admit him to the floor.

It's a crazy world out there in medicine.

Ross says he will talk when I don't have to get ready for work. It's time for breakfast.

BTW, they had their first 'Terminal Dust' in Alaska. It's a snowfall very high in the atmosphere that marks the end of summer.

The Earth is always in motion.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team Advisors