Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On The Mend

My lungs are improving.

Fortunately, the good news, is I have today off.

The bad news is I am not going to rest.

Yesterday both Anthony had a small accident, and my mother had some findings on one of her tests, and is going for more tests at the hospital today.  I need to take care of them both.

In band class -- Anthony asked me to pick him up early and I didn't -- another percussionist pulled the chair out from under Anthony as he was going to sit.  It appears the tailbone is broken. We have a doctor's appointment this morning to confirm. He's in a lot of discomfort, and I have been treating it with ice, ice, and more ice, and ibuprofen.

He saw me reading the book Queen Bees and Wanna Be's. He confronted me and asked why are you reading it?

It's for parents of girls!

I explained to him how with my Asperger's, that kind of stuff is way over my head. Being able to understand it 'real-time' is like asking a deaf person to tell you the soloist instrument in the orchestra and remember the tune. It's not going to happen.

But Anthony IS neurotypical, and in raising him, I don't want to make mistakes because of my Aspergers.

He clarified, 'you're like Zachary but without the autism?'

Yes. Just a little bit. Enough where I can't read facial expressions well, except for example, with you who I know and I've seen so many times I've learned to read the easy ones, happy, sad, hurt, frustrated, upset.

He asked me, 'So you know the stuff I learned in second grade? The whole social thing? You don't get it?'

Nope. Not at all. Right over my head.

He said, 'So you are really smart and there's nothing distracting you with the social situation to keep you from studying?'

Nope. Just wanted to learn and do my best.

'Then you are GOLDEN! I say it's a GIFT!' he exclaimed.  'No wonder how you got to be a doctor!'

I laughed, and I thanked him for that way of looking at it.

He asked me, 'why read the book when you have me?'

I told him the nice lady who wrote the book on 'the rules' for Aspergirls said I should read this, with someone who is neurotypical I trust, so that I can at least understand what is going on out there, and whenever I get confused I can ask the neurotypical person for help in explaining what is going on with the situation.

I also explained that as a girl growing up I found this whole thing very confusing, and it's helping to answer some questions I had about my own growing up.

He asked for a recent example of my being confused. I told him the whole Alaska trip, on that day where he was really sad, and came to sit with me, I didn't understand how it could have happened because I didn't SEE anything. I sensed there was something 'going on' with the social thing, but I really didn't 'get' it, and I wanted to at least know what it was, or how I could help.

Then the funniest thing happened at dinner.

Anthony TALKED.

I just was watching him, with happiness and surprise.  He talked about the things that are of interest to him. He hadn't done that in the longest time.

There's always time to learn.

Some people think Ascension is going to be like this.

I disagree.

In a way your soul is rising above the struggle of 3D, with greater view and more understanding.

But this image is too apocalyptic.

Some people think it's going to look like this, more of the same, only better.

I like to think bigger than that.

I like to think whatever works to house people and save the environment in Agartha is good enough for here!

I think WAY big!

I also think that people are going to be a little more 'on the move' and a little less 'agriculturally bound to the land'.

It will be important to figure out how much 'baggage' is going to be able to go with you, and to work through any 'issues' --mental, physical, emotional, financial--while you can now, so you may easily pick up and GO as it's meant to be for you in the future, if it is meant for you to GO.

I think over the next few weeks, months, we are going to see leaders 'adrift', as they are caught up in their own 'smoke and mirrors'.

The energies of earth right now aren't supportive of anything hidden, dark, or not with our best interest at heart.

Gaia wants to clear herself of this one last time, for good.

I know a lot a lot of people are thinking this is what's next. Rest. Fluffy clouds. Angels.

I think the vibration of the photo might be true--peace and harmony and love and kindness.

Time will tell about the rest.


It's not going to be any of these things.

Look at your heart.

Look at all the things it has endured, like Carla with her growing up and her Aspergers.

Look at all the things you have done to protect it from harm.

Look at all the roles you had to play, more than the Queen Bee but the daughters and sons and parents and students and teachers and teammates and workers and bosses and healers and everything else...

And imagine living in a realm where your gifts are appreciated by all...where your faults 'don't exist' in the sense that except for your teachers there isn't any comment of them--and with the teachers it is to get you to improve them IF you want to improve...

Imagine never having to wear a social 'mask' or struggle to 'fit in' , to 'say the right thing' or to 'have the right look'.

It will be in a land where you are loved for who you are, for everything it took for you to travel there, all of your experiences, both the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant, and everyone knows your name and welcomes you.

This is the Home of which I speak.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple