Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On The Mend

My lungs are improving.

Fortunately, the good news, is I have today off.

The bad news is I am not going to rest.

Yesterday both Anthony had a small accident, and my mother had some findings on one of her tests, and is going for more tests at the hospital today.  I need to take care of them both.

In band class -- Anthony asked me to pick him up early and I didn't -- another percussionist pulled the chair out from under Anthony as he was going to sit.  It appears the tailbone is broken. We have a doctor's appointment this morning to confirm. He's in a lot of discomfort, and I have been treating it with ice, ice, and more ice, and ibuprofen.

He saw me reading the book Queen Bees and Wanna Be's. He confronted me and asked why are you reading it?

It's for parents of girls!

I explained to him how with my Asperger's, that kind of stuff is way over my head. Being able to understand it 'real-time' is like asking a deaf person to tell you the soloist instrument in the orchestra and remember the tune. It's not going to happen.

But Anthony IS neurotypical, and in raising him, I don't want to make mistakes because of my Aspergers.

He clarified, 'you're like Zachary but without the autism?'

Yes. Just a little bit. Enough where I can't read facial expressions well, except for example, with you who I know and I've seen so many times I've learned to read the easy ones, happy, sad, hurt, frustrated, upset.

He asked me, 'So you know the stuff I learned in second grade? The whole social thing? You don't get it?'

Nope. Not at all. Right over my head.

He said, 'So you are really smart and there's nothing distracting you with the social situation to keep you from studying?'

Nope. Just wanted to learn and do my best.

'Then you are GOLDEN! I say it's a GIFT!' he exclaimed.  'No wonder how you got to be a doctor!'

I laughed, and I thanked him for that way of looking at it.

He asked me, 'why read the book when you have me?'

I told him the nice lady who wrote the book on 'the rules' for Aspergirls said I should read this, with someone who is neurotypical I trust, so that I can at least understand what is going on out there, and whenever I get confused I can ask the neurotypical person for help in explaining what is going on with the situation.

I also explained that as a girl growing up I found this whole thing very confusing, and it's helping to answer some questions I had about my own growing up.

He asked for a recent example of my being confused. I told him the whole Alaska trip, on that day where he was really sad, and came to sit with me, I didn't understand how it could have happened because I didn't SEE anything. I sensed there was something 'going on' with the social thing, but I really didn't 'get' it, and I wanted to at least know what it was, or how I could help.

Then the funniest thing happened at dinner.

Anthony TALKED.

I just was watching him, with happiness and surprise.  He talked about the things that are of interest to him. He hadn't done that in the longest time.

There's always time to learn.

Some people think Ascension is going to be like this.

I disagree.

In a way your soul is rising above the struggle of 3D, with greater view and more understanding.

But this image is too apocalyptic.

Some people think it's going to look like this, more of the same, only better.

I like to think bigger than that.

I like to think whatever works to house people and save the environment in Agartha is good enough for here!

I think WAY big!

I also think that people are going to be a little more 'on the move' and a little less 'agriculturally bound to the land'.

It will be important to figure out how much 'baggage' is going to be able to go with you, and to work through any 'issues' --mental, physical, emotional, financial--while you can now, so you may easily pick up and GO as it's meant to be for you in the future, if it is meant for you to GO.

I think over the next few weeks, months, we are going to see leaders 'adrift', as they are caught up in their own 'smoke and mirrors'.

The energies of earth right now aren't supportive of anything hidden, dark, or not with our best interest at heart.

Gaia wants to clear herself of this one last time, for good.

I know a lot a lot of people are thinking this is what's next. Rest. Fluffy clouds. Angels.

I think the vibration of the photo might be true--peace and harmony and love and kindness.

Time will tell about the rest.


It's not going to be any of these things.

Look at your heart.

Look at all the things it has endured, like Carla with her growing up and her Aspergers.

Look at all the things you have done to protect it from harm.

Look at all the roles you had to play, more than the Queen Bee but the daughters and sons and parents and students and teachers and teammates and workers and bosses and healers and everything else...

And imagine living in a realm where your gifts are appreciated by all...where your faults 'don't exist' in the sense that except for your teachers there isn't any comment of them--and with the teachers it is to get you to improve them IF you want to improve...

Imagine never having to wear a social 'mask' or struggle to 'fit in' , to 'say the right thing' or to 'have the right look'.

It will be in a land where you are loved for who you are, for everything it took for you to travel there, all of your experiences, both the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant, and everyone knows your name and welcomes you.

This is the Home of which I speak.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Visions

Today I am home, sick. Someone had the kindness to work for me today. I can't ever 'call in' sick without someone offering to take my place. The same is true for vacation. My job is always 'there', and I can't cancel a room like a surgeon can when they are sick.

Yesterday I had many visions.

I realize as a healer, this is one of the best things I am able to do, is to bring information from Spirit here to our reality.

There is one thing I'd like to share, Ross reminded me to, which happened a few weeks ago, and I forgot to share.

I took Anthony to the last baseball game of the season.

Ross guided me where to pick the seats.

I bought two.

While I was enjoying the game, somehow without explaining it, my eyes were drawn to the presence of a small white cloud just to the right of the scoreboard (on the left as I faced it).  It was roughly about eye level with me.

It looked like this:

The bottom of the two puffy ones at nine-o'clock position. The rest of the sky, in my view, was cloudless. I looked up and some were overhead.

I looked at the cloud and thought, 'Why am I looking at this cloud?'

Then I realized it might be more than a cloud, and a certain someone was in it, saying 'hello'.

I caught myself.

Could this be?

Hoping for the best, I returned a cheery 'hello' with my heart full of enthusiasm, in silence to the crowd but filled with love from my heart. I waved my hand and I smiled to the cloud.

The moment passed.

The next time I looked up, the cloud had completely disappeared!

Simply vanished.

I went to ask Ross about the parable of the oil lamps.

(I didn't know yesterday was Diwali. Had no clue. But that's where these lamp pictures are from. Happy Diwali to you from us if you celebrate it.)

Ross says that the story is meant to be taken in from everyone's perspective, which is different, and might be different from our own, to be understood and equally respected.

That's why we chose this image with the many lamps.

If you think of the perspective of the people who are paying for the wedding, the lamp escorts for the groom were paid to do a job, but not all of them did it. It's cut and dried.

If you think of the perspective of the groom, there are many more things on his mind than the lamps, as long as he gets to the wedding, first and foremost on his mind is his new life with his new bride (Ross says, 'hopefully he knows her'--ed).

If you think of the perspective of the other guests at the party, they aren't going to want to hear the gnashing of teeth and wailing of those with unlit lamps outside. It will spoil the party.

If you think of the wise ones who kept the oil, the ones who did their job accordingly, they would like some recognition for their wisdom and efforts, and would not want the same treatment to be given to those who 'shirked their duty'.

If you think of the ones who were foolish, and careless, are they to feel responsible and learn responsibility from this? Or is it a pattern which will happen again and again, and others must cover for them? They are a burden to the rest, in some ways, although with love and joy and acceptance perhaps they can be taught to take responsibility as full members of their culture, is it not? Are they deserving of 'one more chance?'

The other thing Ross said, is that another way to look at this story is through our bunny. For those of you who know her, she can't clean herself. She would enjoy a clean cage, and she does not have the means to do so. It is outside of her ability to care for herself as a rabbit in captivity. Furthermore, for the part of the cleaning herself she is asked by Nature to do--she fails--and huge clumps of poop get stuck on her bottom which Carla has to clean.  This rabbit is loved, she is welcome, she is family...and she has her limits which everyone knows and understands is 'part of the deal'. Ross says she will 'never be able to clean herself in any way' or improve in her hygiene without 'outside help'.

He wants us to think about it.

He also mentions the story of the other party, where none of the guests would come, and the hosts invited beggars from the street.

He says you never know when it comes to interpreting a story, and as you grow and learn in your consciousness, the stories are designed to push you to see there is more than one 'easy answer'.

As I spoke with Ross, he had shown me a special key in diamond.

When I am sick, I go through pages and pages of designs on antique jewelry. It amazes me the creativity, how the beauty lasts in some and not so much in others, and I learn about the stones.

I saw, with horror, a 'pierced' ring, where the stone had a diamond attached through it in a hole that was drilled.

Many of these are black onyx with a diamond in the middle, and are called 'mourning rings', which I didn't know.

I've learned some rubies are filled with glass to hide the cracks, and therefore have less value. Other gemstones too.

I learned that the key shape one, a high arch like art deco, was one where I saw it once, and I tried yesterday to find it again, and I didn't, I failed, and I had to admit to Ross I failed, and I was sorry.

So in meditation, HE produced the key, in diamond, and he put it into my chest like my chest was a lock.

He turned the key.

I felt this marvelous rush of energy, and next thing I knew I was standing in a very tall, narrow hall of marble, which is a combination of the two photos above. Ross was to my right, in his robes.

The lighting in these places is always unearthly, I can't tell from the shadow where the light source is, and there's no obvious light fixtures.

As always, these places are silent, and you could hear a pin drop and when I talk it echoes.

I asked Ross what are we here to do?

He said to wait and see, and he smiled.

I looked at him, with frustration, and said, 'you didn't bring me here to have me sell COOKIES, did you?!' (like a Girl Scout).

Ross was so taken aback that he had to sit down on the floor and try to contain himself from laughing. He asked me, 'how did you ever come up with that thought?'

I didn't know.  I explained I'm new and don't remember anything and sometimes people might think it's cute...so on Earth they make you go and sell cookies and things.

I wasn't there to sell cookies.

An angel came, I don't recall who, and he put a gem, just like a padparadasha sapphire, big, orange, right under my heart chakra. It was very bright. I asked Ross if it's okay? Will it hide the green?

Ross mentioned how my pink high heart chakra is there, and the green is right next to it without a problem, right?

I said, 'ok'.

From what I understand, this one transmutes the information from the lower three chakras, and filters it, into something of strength that isn't so vulnerable like in the third dimension. The emotions have more clarity, more connection to the Higher Self than before.

Then I was gone.

As I was falling asleep last night,  I was surprised to be visited by Great Spirit.

I have only seen Great Spirit twice in all my years of doing this. I was delighted, and honored, and wanted to welcome Great Spirit.

I asked where are we to meet? Here or where you are? Great Spirit said, 'someplace in the middle' and I found we were in a room, made of stone/rock like a cave almost, but warm and inviting. There were no windows.

I asked what to offer, as I have offered cookies and lemonade in the past and made a faux pas to the Galactics.  I explained to offer is our custom here, and I would like to honor Great Spirit according to our custom.

Great Spirit understood, and paused.

Great Spirit asked for an apple.

In a flash of a tenth of a second, I manifested the finest apple the Earth has ever seen, in my right hand, and handed it to Great Spirit. Great Spirit was relaxed on the couch, and started to eat and enjoy the apple.

I asked Great Spirit what would be pleasing to drink? For it is our custom here too, and I want Great Spirit to feel welcome and comfortable.

Great Spirit asked for water.

Immediately I presented a glass with the clearest, freshest water, right from a glacier.

Then I asked, if, according to custom, it would be appropriate to give Great Spirit a gift, something which is our way here, when inviting an honored Guest?

Great Spirit said yes.

So I showed Great Spirit an artwork I had been creating, like a painting on paper I held up, only it was alive and moving. And I pointed out to him how difficult it was, and how mistakes seemed to appear by themselves and I can't fix it.

That is when Great Spirit sat on the floor, and took me right under the arm, next to the fur robes and warmth of his body. I felt very protected and loved as he stretched out his arm, and started to let colored sand fall onto my picture which was on the ground in front of us both.

Great Spirit knew how to fix the picture.

I watched with awe as Great Spirit worked. Many colors, much detail, and soon it because more in line with my original vision.

The self-perpetuating mistakes were gone!

Great Spirit also helped me, with my own hand, to pick up and place the sand, guiding my own hand with his. I saw it falling through my fingers and I felt it.

I wanted to ask more questions, but I went to another dimension where it is blocked from me. It feels like it is the same place where I was, but I as my conscious self am not allowed to remember. I felt heavy, sudden sleepiness overcome me.

Great Spirit said, as I drifted off to sleep, not to worry, everything is going to be fine, and it would be a short time before everything begins to make sense.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Many things I know, none of which I tell. 

I am not at liberty to tell because loose lips sink ships.

That was a saying in world war two, for military security, if you've never heard of it.

Anyhow, this vision came in the morning, and I am permitted to share.

I saw something that looked like the queen of the commonwealth, but it was more like an old skin or a costume, but it was her.  I saw it fall. I'm not sure exactly who or what, was it a spear? A dragon? Everything was dark and shadowy.

There was another near her, like that too, not really 'them' but more like an old skin covering a being that wasn't human. 

I think it fell.

What was unusual was that a huge black thing connected them both, and like pulling in a net or something, all this black interconnected stuff started pulling UP. And it kept coming. I can't see where it is going, but it's been going on all day, and hasn't shown any sign of stopping. 

This isn't licorice string or rope--it's shiny black like squid ink, but solid and really holds everything together, like all these skin things or particles or whatever I can't really describe that are stuck to it.

It's strange I know. It's from Spirit. Sometimes Spirit isn't easy to understand, it takes time for us to process it.

As an aside, thank you for all the healing. It's been like I've been on antibiotics--my response--but I'm not taking any. My chest is clearing up. I'm not on anything more than double dose Vitamin C. And although I would like to do my sinus rinses, I've been having trouble finding the time. I will get to them this afternoon, I hope.  I am sleepy still, and coughing up lots of thick, green, phlegm. 

I pray with all my heart tomorrow is another day off.  I could use the rest.

I see how with Sunday and Wednesday I never had time to recover, and by Friday I had relapsed with my flu. A good nap today before picking up Anthony, and I hope a full night's rest will restore me to my usual state of health.

My mother is admitted to the hospital, and is undergoing tests. My sister is taking care of her, and I'm on the phone with her a lot for the medical arrangement. I also spoke with my mother's nurse. The doctors say she should improve in about two weeks. 



I want you to know that something new and beautiful is happening. 

It's something 'exotic' as in 'something you've never seen' and 'is not from here', just like this bird in the photo, which is a hummingbird, taken at rest, which is an unusual angle and sighting, for such a bird.

I will give you a hint. 

Another one of Carla's colleagues, is going with the family to Puerto Rico on a medical mission. The looks on their faces are the brightest smiles that Carla has ever seen!

Would you think anyone on the front lines at work--with the hustle and bustle of a busy operating room or clinic here in 'civilized states'--would trade places with someone like him to be off and doing medical work to those who really need it, who are experiencing complete and total devastation and destruction and loss?


All I can say is the 'win-win-win avalanche' is starting to flow.

It is the joy of helping those who are less fortunate than us which is awakening the population on earth...

All it goes down to a simple phrase which is going on the internet, on FB, 'me too'.  This again, is people putting their own 'masks' aside, in order to show light on a terribly  prevalent and hidden 'problem'. 

It's everywhere. 

And it's time to speak up.

Not in a rabble rouser way...but with a simple, honest, straightforward, 'me too'.

Now let's do something about it!


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Square One

I made the decision.  It's time to be a healer, right?

Now what?

Well, I am between both worlds.

Here is why I haven't written, or sent healings, although Ross always, always, always fills in for me when I am sick.

I was back up call.  There were two long rooms scheduled.

I was on breathing treatments every four hours. Double ones.  I got a 'peace pipe' gizmo from an RN and was able to take my treatments between cases.

My friend had acted like he would trade calls, because I was sick.

But I didn't understand.

I don't 'speak' neurotypical.

I waited for him to be after three, when he said he could cover. His only reason he couldn't was to go see his kids in a play at school.

He came up with another excuse.

It was too late to ask others, I tried.

He came in while I was bundled up in blankets and said he had bought an energy drink for me, it would help me feel better. He felt sorry, but he had to go.

As it was time to wake up the patient...three hours later...they didn't want to breathe. This is normal, a huge part of anesthesia is getting someone to breathe after the surgery is over. Usually it comes fast. Sometimes it can take twenty minutes.

The pain and agony was too much for me, of being in the O.R. for all this extra time for emergence when I was so sick.

I started with the Our Fathers. Under my breath. Just over and over.

I kept up with the Hail Marys.

I beseeched Creator above for this patient to wake up so I could rest!

I also told first call and RN running the board I was too sick to do another case. They had one scheduled. I saw on the board. They put it there without mentioning it to me. She knew I was sick.

Once I extubated, I said Glory Be's and I also said the one we used to say after meals.

Then I went to the car.

I was too sick and too exhausted to drive. I have a pillow, a sleeping bag, and a blanket, in the trunk at all times for occasions like this. I chose the pillow and blanket. I slept in the back seat, passed out really.

At one a.m.--four hours later--I woke up. I drank the energy drink and made it home.

I've been in and out of bed ever since. Thick green phlegm is coughing up.

I've requested tomorrow off but I don't know if I will receive it. I just did.

To be a healer we must start with ourselves.

We must heal ourselves of everything we don't need to take with us into the next step.

Even though I am 'down', inside, something new is regenerating. I can sense it.

And I wait.

What did I do?

Yesterday I had three things I accomplished.

I found some links to videos that will springboard off the Weinstein stuff, and yet, not quite make the full connection to ritual abuse--so that if you are the type who likes to share things that are, um, 'easier to accept' with your people you are helping to awaken, these are good. They just 'tweak' the mainstream mind-set 'enough'...:

I also answered the questions of a coworker Stephanie who is newly awake. I haven't been in this position before, I hope I did okay. I'll be available to her as new questions arise.

I helped my sister, and my mom. My mom's health isn't so good right now. She stayed with her for the night. Today they are taking her to the ER for further evaluation.

What kinds of things are ahead, as I walk through the door as a healer?

The kinds of things I did, and more, are Healer's work.

So is being open to getting to know yourself.  I realize that my work has crossed the line to abusive. I can't call in sick. I work sick. And that's not good. Do I apply somewhere else? What do I do? I'm not sure. But I am open to guidance, and perhaps, talking with my mentor about my options. Anesthesia everyone pretty much is like I have it now.

Slowly, I'm working on my self-love.

With my Asperger's, I've finished a book.  She says that expecting me to understand and correctly interpret a 'Queen Bees and Wanna Be's ' social situation is the same as expecting a deaf person to tell you what instrument soloed in the orchestra and to remember the tune.   She also recommends reading Queen Bees and Wanna Be's so you will know what is 'out there' and not to entangle up in it. 

My Asperger's hurts me at work because everything I want to do depends on favors. I either go in and do my schedule, every day, or I establish a support system within my peers and we do 'favors' to help one another. My friend did a HUGE favor and brought Anthony's back pack to him because he had forgotten it in the car. I worked late, and she went home early. But it's hard, really hard, especially on Friday nights when you are sick and everyone wants to be with their families.

Can I love myself even though I get taken advantage of, due to my inability to 'read' social situations correctly?


Creator loves me.

Ross loves me too.

Can I love myself and my sisters through mom's illness, and my inability to go help more because of my work and my illness this weekend? YES. I'm opening up more, and sharing that I'm concerned and don't want to go through what's next with mom alone. And I'm helping as best as I can. My family sent me photos of wounds and things. And I eyeballed them--'telemedicine'--as well as told them what to say to the ER docs. (mom might need Palliative care soon...that's 'what's next').

If you are newly awakening, or, perhaps, 'not so newly awakening'....this is step one for Life in the Higher Realms:

To specify, there is a 'form' of 'self-love' that when you examine it for what it is, it really isn't. It's the old 3D way of 'looking out for number one'.  THAT is driven by fear (remember the old False Evidence Appearing Real?).   It is rooted in a belief in LACK.   

In the higher realms there is no 'me versus you'. 

It doesn't exist.

We all win.

What's fair, in loving yourself, the real way?

Saying no when you feel like you are obligated into something that you really don't want to do. A healthy boundary is okay.

Understanding your limits is important.

Asking for help when you need it is okay.

So is admitting to your mistakes, accepting responsibility for your part in miscommunication, and failing at something even when you tried your best.

Loving yourself means that you like yourself...you value your self-worth...you would never exploit it...and you don't force yourself to be with people who are low vibration and draining of your energy. 

You are in these situations, 'Friendly and Polite' and that's enough. You may then go on your way.

There's a beautiful Universe out there waiting to be explored! 

Even here, in 3D, in our classes for emergency life saving, (ACLS, BLS, PALS), if there is something that will put YOUR life in danger, you don't have to help. For example, someone electrocuted by a downed wire. If you die too you can't save anyone else--and all the rules of instruction say to hold back in situations like this. 

There are experts to take care of the very low vibration people. Say a prayer and let them go.

Stay within your own 'bandwidth', and those who understand and can 'get' what you have to offer will naturally be drawn to you.

You ARE different.

My friend Kevin Weeks passed, but I didn't know it. I was in medical school at my desk in 1992. Some soul came to me. I was a little scared of it, to be honest. But it had a message for me. He said, 'You stick out like a SORE THUMB down there!'

I didn't know what to say, but I thanked the spirit.

Then I found out Kevin had died. He was the soul. I didn't know he was sick. He died of AIDS.

I went to his funeral.

His favorite song played, 'Send in the Clowns'...it's beautiful and I always think of him. I went to his wake at his house. It must have been a long illness because his partner was not that sad...I guess life goes on.

All of you who are awake and read these words, even the newly awakened, stick out like sore thumbs too.

As we ascend, together, regular people are going to see it. And respond. And seek you out.

So, what can you DO to help? What were you sent here to do? In your pre-birth contract?


There is a LOT of angelic healing in a smile.

It's contagious.

There are two kinds of smiles.

There are two kinds of GENUINE smiles--I know you were thinking fake ones and real ones, but truly, fake ones aren't a smile. Not even close!

There's the easy ones, and the hard ones.

The easy ones are like, 'BOOM!' super spontaneous.

The hard ones are like I do in the hospital.

When the patient is as yellow as a crayon due to jaundice, and you say hello. It's not easy to look past the yellow, and into the soul of the patient, but you do, and then the smile is easier. And it's real. The smile of acceptance and warmth is important medicine to this person who is so sick.

There is the smile to the patient who has a cancer so bad, you know the whole arm you are shaking hands with is going to be gone at the end of the surgery. And you smile to let them know you care for them, and hope for the best outcome, even though the disease is so advanced it has come to this. Your smile lets them know there is still hope...in every situation.

We can extend that to the smile for the person who has been involved in one of the many recent tragedies on Earth--the hurricanes, the shootings, the fires--it's like a soul-to-soul support without language...

Smiling is what many of us have been sent to do.

If you find yourself in a crisis situation, first take your own pulse. Ask God what to do. And smile to everyone you meet once you have done what you have been guided to do. Keep your heart open, stay grounded, balanced, and help. Others will be looking to you for example. Smile. You know Creator of All That Is is real. Some may not know this yet. They will only get to know Divine Creator through your knowing Creator. It will shine through your smile.

On the other side of that tunnel is a world of joy. A world where angels are normal, and love reigns supreme. 

I call it Home.

There is a story about people staying up late and waiting for a party.

Some people fell asleep.

The wise ones kept their oil, lit their lamps, and got to go in to the wedding.

Others didn't get in.

You could hear them.

I don't know about this story, how it applies, or if it ever did.

I will be sure to ask Ross his opinion on it. 

I know him, he's a 'the more the merrier' kind of guy.

I also know vibration is vibration, and without working up to handle a vibration, some people can't handle it.

Someone who learned Galactic Reiki through a fellow-dear very dear sister and friend--kind of had a big JUMP to make energy wise. None of us expected it.

So, I will keep quiet for now, and kick this one point 'upstairs' to my guides.

Besides, Ross has been waiting all day to show you his picture he picked out.


How about that new Saul message?

How about that message from The Council on Friday the Thirteenth, Carla's lucky day?

How about that feeling in your heart that things are going to improve, no matter what the mainstream media is saying?


(he's smiling really big--ed)


They just aren't going to talk about it. (in the news--ed)

C:  he asks me to tell you about Jason and his new wife, who just went to Haiti to help people on a mission. I couldn't tell whose smiles were bigger--the glowing newlyweds -- or the kids and people they helped. 

R:  It was a total Win-Win, right?

C:  Oh yes!

R:  I rest my case.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Time To Be A Healer

Yesterday we had a meeting for the department of surgery. All the surgeons and anesthesiologists were present.

I noticed a distinct shift in the way of running the meetings.

Nurses--high-ranking, executive nurses--were telling us what to do.

There's a project for discharges of patients to be 'smoother' and 'the physician needs to round on the patients by eleven.'  Although there is a 'we know you are busy and have many things to do' disclaimer, it caught my eye that these clipboards and metrics have to do with HCAPS scores which have to do with physician pay.

My life flashed before my eyes.

All this work, to come to this?

Then the next nurse came up with the 'service promise'--wheels in the O.R. by seven-thirty. Or seven, for a seven-o'clock start. Like an 'airport'! I kid you not!

They will clock out production like cattle.

If the patient needs to pee before going to surgery, we will get dinged.


I can't function in that kind of box.

So something went off in my head and in my heart, 'So...It's time to be a healer!'.

I'd been in medicine as an advocate for Reiki and holistic approach, putting healing into healers and patients now for seven years, possibly eight. I can't remember.

I've had two groups of six colleagues--nurses, scrub techs, their families--come into my home seeking  training for Reiki 1.

I don't SEE people doing Reiki in the O.R., and many have actually left our hospital--my students. Only Stephanie keeps in touch with me, and talks about it. We truly have a Reiki Master-Student relationship like I had with my own Reiki Master. Everyone is different and has their own needs. It pleases me to have someone like Stephanie who reminds me so much of me when I was beginning my training too.

But you know what? Right after the meeting, a nurse approached me.

Yesterday the head of the recovery room asked me why she is so calm today?

She had her Ross and Carla bracelet on, but in her pocket. She can't close it on her arm. I'm going to take it and put an s-link into it for her.

It's time to move forward.

I don't know what it looks like.

I don't know what I am going to do.

But I am going to start looking where to place my next steps...and I trust my future can be good as long as I work with my guides.

Yesterday I was blessed to spend some time with my friend at the Mission.

The bottom photo is St. Peregrine, the patron saint to help cancer patients.

I blessed the book of prayer requests, imploring to both Ross and Raphael, that the people were afraid and needed guidance, and a little 'break' in their suffering, total healing if allowed, and everything according to God's plan.

It felt GOOD to be back in a Catholic church again, to go on my knees, and to open my heart completely to God and the angels like I used to all through my life.

I miss being Catholic.

It's a shame I learned of what goes on that is hidden...I'd rather I knew, and I'm glad I know, and I'm glad I took steps accordingly.

But it was very nice to have a place to go, to enjoy mass, and to just focus on Spirit in those ways...long ago back in those days when I did.

Ross was happy I had a pleasant afternoon.

I was too.

Time for work.

Reiki Request for me please--I'm on my nebulizer right now as I write. My lungs are a little 'touchy'. I took an antihistamine in the middle of the night, it helped, but I'm sick again.  I don't know what I was allergic to, it's usually cats or dust, but something at the El Adobe really set me off. The dinner was good and it was very enjoyable. I don't mind. It's just another thing to factor into my day.

I hope in 5D these little ailments won't affect me any more.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

(Carla is very late for work, dangerously late today, and Ross is stepping back so she can leave for work now that her breathing treatment is over.)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Eye Of An Eagle, Hands Of A Woman, Heart Of A Lion

A surgeon disclosed what his teacher had taught him about being a successful surgeon.  A surgeon must have the eye of an eagle (to see EVERYTHING while working), the 'hands of a woman' (to be delicate with the tissue) and the heart of a lion (to never be afraid, to be brave, because it's dangerous work).

I like it.

In a way, I think everyone who works in the O.R. needs to have these skills to work effectively.

And as part of a team.

That's where I spend my waking hours, in the O.R.

That's where Creator has put me--for now--and I have two stories to share that will help you see how even the eagle-eyed, lady-handed, lion-hearted are getting their chance to 'wake up' to their own spiritual gifts.

Maria is a surgical technologist, or scrub tech.  See the one on the left with the instrument in the hand? That is her role. (me I'm on the other side of the draped, in the middle, that's my role as anesthesiologist).

She works at Kaiser now, but moonlights for us at night.

She likes to talk of ghosts.

Frankly, the 'ghost talk' isn't my favorite, but I'm always polite, open, and supportive whenever people talk.

Maria has an aunt in Mexico who 'has the gift' and it was 'much trouble' for her. There was a spirit causing her much intrusion for a long time.

Finally Auntie went to a psychic.

The psychic said in two days you will have a dream, and you will see this spirit. Ask them what it is that they want.

The dream came, as predicted.

The spirit owed someone money. They had a debt. They wanted it repaid. So the Auntie paid the debt, and the spirit went away.

She told me this in the O.R. when there were other people present.

That's huge.

It was at the end of the case, I think.

She said, 'Carla, you like, still see things, right?'


Then she shared.

The bigger story is from Stephanie, the surgical nurse, the one with Muffin the dog who passed recently.

Stephanie stopped me in the hall. She wanted to talk.

She's at the hungry for information stage.

Stephanie is my only Reiki student from the two physical classes I held in my house who still practices Reiki.

She's adorable. Very humble, very earnest, very interested in things that are not of this world.

She has always looked up to me like a big sister, too, asking for advice on her pregnancies (one sadly miscarried), and having me check the heart beat of the baby on her second one when she was scared something had happened (it didn't fortunately).

She's also one of the nurses on a popular medical TV show who appears in the O.R.  You might recognize her.

She says that in the Philippines some people are 'born with the third eye' but most don't talk about it.

She wondered why she is experiencing 'more'. Remember a while ago she felt 'different'?

Yesterday she reached by my bracelets. I have one on from Divine Mother Incarnate.

Stephanie FELT it.

Her hand was moving by mine and she was like, 'it's HOT, Carla!' and 'It's not warm...but there's this energy to it, I feel it! What is it?'

I told her it was made by the highest vibration energy incarnate on the planet, Isabel Henn.

I confessed I have the 'second highest energy' on the planet right now. That one went completely over her head.

I had a giveaway bracelet from the surgery center I'd been wearing for two weeks. I gave it to her.

We talked.

She had a LOT of questions about 'what is going on?' as in 'with the world'?

She worries about how much evil there is in it.

She asked me questions about it, she worries for her children.

I told her it's everywhere. Hidden. But not good.

She asked for an example.

I said, 'how about the Roman Catholic Church?'

Well, what's in there?

Perhaps you have heard of the pedophilia?

She nodded, that's common news. Everyone knows.

It's organized. HIGHLY organized.

Well, where do those kids go? Do they live?

No. They don't live.

Hmmmm.  Then she pressed for more details.

I didn't budge. I just said, 'it gets worse' and 'it's really bad'.  And 'that's why I stopped going to church'.

She asked, 'well, what can I do to help?'

Don't watch TV.

She doesn't.

Don't listen to pop music. I named one, a female one, white, cute, but I know many readers would defend her as 'wholesome'. I said, 'don't listen to that one!'

She said, 'I know they are all devil worshippers anyways'.

Always wait for the other person to say it, always. Most aren't ready to hear the truth about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I said, 'so you know?'

She said yes, She asked me 'have you seen A Call To An Uprising?'

Oh yeah. That, and plenty more. I smiled.

She asked again, 'what can I do?'

I said, 'be aware, make good choices with your purchases, and don't give THEM any of your money. They like money and need it to keep their system going. A lot. And don't fear. They thrive on fear.'

She asked, 'What about the end times?'

Um...they're here and we are in the middle of them.

She panicked. It's really NOW? Is it the beginning? Are we going to live?

I calmed her down. 'It's the beginning of something wonderful. It's only the end times for those pedophiles/devil worshippers honey. They aren't going to be able to control anything any more.'

Well, how? she asked.

I reminded her who I speak to.  (actually, she enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed hearing the story of how I've spoken to Blessed Mother for years. From the very beginning. It's in this blog. Stephanie also smells roses, and I assured her, it's Her. The real thing. She said her car felt like it was stuffed with a million rose petals. Yup. That's the Sign! I'm also a little jealous because I haven't smelled the roses yet, in all my many years of talking with angelic beings.)

I told her it's all under control.  Actually there are incarnate apostles and things, working together on it here. Everything is going to be okay.

I told her that Therese of Lisieux, the 'Little Flower' is alive and doing her thing in the Philippines.

I've never seen such joy and delight as what flashed across Stephanie's face at hearing that! She was thrilled! Absolutely, positively thrilled.

You should have also seen Ross' smile. He is so very proud and pleased with her awakening.

I was very content to be on the receiving end of both of their smiles, to enjoy them, as the fruits of some very, very, very long and hard work at everything I do.

Good things are coming.

Just you wait and see.


The heart was from Ross.

I'm post call and late for work again. It's a short day. Surgery meeting, then one case. I hope I see my friend who is visiting California.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We are in times of great change.

There is great transfer of energy.

There is changing 'control' of the planet--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are near the end of their agreement to control all of humanity as our 'supervisors' or 'guardians' of the physical.

They don't want to leave their post, so they are 'giving it all they have got' back, energetically, as well as through censorship of the media (just try to find videos about the Las Vegas incident--which tell the truth. (On YouTube, The Truthstream Media one--Cui Buono?--got their everything hacked!)

There's lots of technology we don't understand, but we can feel, and it's all going down right now.

As an aside, I did a case in the angio suite, the new one that's state of the art. While they are filming an angiogram, with intense strong radiation, it's silent. You can't feel it. You don't even know it's happening.

Except that all the team runs out of the room and goes to the control room.

This radiation is so strong, to stay in the room you need lead apron and to stand behind lead glass.

In the early days of angio, I would stay with my patient in that radiation, and no one would say a thing to me about my protection.

I'm so glad this time people did.

Even in places like this where there is transfer of high voltage energy, around it, through the laws of electromagnetism, and electromagnetic field is created. It's called EMF.

It can affect the health of people living nearby, not just if a wire comes loose and is 'live', but through the constant exposure to the electromagnetic radiation.

Even the cell phone towers are showing health effects, especially those mounted in residential areas.  I've heard some form of cancer is going up...

Ironically, one of the most amazing things I've seen in the anti-vaccine community was an article that said, 'Amish are free from x, y, and z diseases because they don't take vaccines'. It was brilliant! They also have organic food, and little processed food, and don't follow the mainstream 'narrative'.

Flux is also a name for this wire that is melted to join pipes together.

Sometimes I feel like the Ground Crew is in this position. We hold the space while everything around us is shifting.

It takes a lot of energy and discipline to ground ourselves, to know ourselves, and to focus on our spiritual growth enough to sustain us as the people around us awaken and we are here to support them.

Someone in our community had a huge 'A-ha!' moment over Saturday Night Live. They were like, 'it seems like they were pushing the Agenda (narrative by the mainstream media) really hard last weekend. Could that be?'


No amount of our talking about this, no amount of videos, is going to 'nudge' someone to that point where their eyes open. Only YOU can open YOUR eyes, and it's an 'organic' thing--it has to come naturally at the right time and place for you in your growth and development.

We can support you in your awakening, and reassure you, 'yes, what you see is true and correct' and keep supporting one another.

People enjoy their routines, their 'shows', their being 'part of the system'. It's hard to get them back. That's because the sophisticated mass media understands our psychology and exploits it without our knowing it.

Some people are on me right now.


You had a bad call. You ache.

Leave medicine.

Leave it now. Call me. I'll help you. You can sell supplements to support yourself in the meantime.

All of it is well-meaning.

Thank you.

I am in medicine because it is both my dream and my calling. It's in my Life Contract to do what  I do.

I also know things other people don't.

About the timeframe.

I have a natural break coming up, the time I would have had my court case. I have two weeks.

There's a funny feeling I won't be coming back to the hospital, and if I do, it will be with a plan in place what to do next.

The O.R. is a very protected environment which is perfect for someone with a little autism, You do the same things over and over, with the same people, and there's not a lot of conversation. I can 'read' people in this context, both my patients and my colleagues.

I also know there are two new hires coming on line with our group. Currently we are one man short--he left for Arizona.

I know my advice from Spirit is to start giving away my calls. But this week I'm not allowed to.

I need tomorrow off. A friend, a dear friend is visiting in town, I'd like to see her. Post call is the best chance I'll get.

On the Sunday call from Hades, the whole time in the parking lot was a Haul truck. It had a firefly on in and cheered me up. I like fireflies.

In the morning I saw the state the firefly was from--on the side of the truck, in big letters, how Uhaul advertises places--was the word INDIANA.

I knew it was Spirit telling me things are going to be okay.

These are both in the same river. At the same time. The beautiful lotus. And the hippo who can kill you.

Hippos are vegetarians. They just do their hippo thing. Unless you cross them! Then you better run faster than a hippo!

We are in times like this, which are flowing like a river.

I know in my heart, the dangers 'are illusion' when we compare them to Home in the Higher Realms.

I also know, while we get through this life, to achieve our life purpose, and stay on our life plan, we don't want to walk and agitate a hippo that might be in the same flow of life experience as us.

I don't think anyone would write it in their life script, 'Death by Hippo' or 'Hippo Attack'--although it has happened.

Last night Anthony was struggling with his homework.

He procrastinates.

He's delusional in a way--I ask him, 'what homework do you have?' and everything is 'it's good!' and 'it's fine'--and he goes on to play his video games.

I don't like to be in the position to force him.

He had a poem he was to write. Ten lines. He was dictating it to his computer, the technology in it is that good.

He started with something, I forget, then he was trying to do a Jedi.

Here I was exhausted, cooking dinner, his not liking anything I'm making from home, just after having bought him not one but two pairs of really nice, top of the line, running shoes for his every day. Now he can alternate them.  I do the work around the house so he can study.

I let him have it.

I told him what I thought.

You are a good-time Charlie, and you're not building the foundation for a life for yourself even though you have been given this wonderful opportunity. Your life is going to be good only as long as I am in it and supporting you. After that, it's going to suck.  You have no interest in working hard at anything. Your father was right to throw out the x-box. I should do it too. I can take your phone away also. Heather used to do this all the time with Jared to get through to him. Take it away. Take it away. Take it away.

I am a pushover and you know it.

When is the last time you had this thought in your head, 'how can I help mom? How can I help make life easier for her?'

He hasn't.

I asked him, 'when you SEE me working myself to the point of exhaustion, doesn't that make a clue that perhaps you can HELP and take the burden off me?'

I don't think he's ever thought of anything but 'mom is going to help me' and 'I want to have fun'.

I did the dishes.

He typed.

Here's his poem:  'Parents'

The people who create you.
The people who love you.
The people who have control over you til you are 18.
The people who besides teachers get mad at you when you don't finish an assignment, get a bad score on a test, or a bad grade in general.
The people who can make your life miserable, but also great.
The people who you have to obey. The people who keep a roof over your head, feed you, and give you clothing.
The people who will be there for you when you need them most.
The people who will help you start your life as an adult.
The people who will kick you our of their house to live life on your own.
The people who you eventually you will have to care for when they get weak.
The people who if one goes, you can help the other to get one the loss.
The people who will always be watching you from above.
The people who taught you how to be them one day.
The people who turn into you and a companion.
The people who are always created and sadly sometimes destroyed.
The people, who are parents.

He did well.

It's time to go.

Everything will come in its right place.

For everyone.

I have big decisions ahead--this kid has to go to high school--and is going to need more of my time, more direction and support.

The shoe salesman noted he's more 'expressive' than most seventh graders. He's not LIKE other seventh graders. Socially he's a little behind. That's okay.

He's a good kid.

He just doesn't have a goal, a dream, or the gumption to get there.

He likes to have fun.

He wants to be a pilot.

His friend, due to the stress, has taken up knitting. A boy, twelve, who knits.

I saw his knitting yesterday. A 'spring stitch'. It was beautiful yellow.

I told him I have a friend who kits so well she can make her own patterns. I told him I'd talk to her for him and see if she had any advice.

Middle school is really hard, socially.

It's so sad.

Ross says to talk about the time frame and not leave anyone guessing.

In general terms.

It's not tomorrow or next week, the changes.

It's not way into next year.

He likes that.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I Ache

I ache today in ways those who have never had On Call duties in the Operating Room will never understand.

My head hurts, my body aches, and I've lost, literally, two days of my life because of my career.

On the one hand, I have the skills to save lives, the skills I've worked so diligently to be able to use. These skills are needed in our community. I use them well.

On the other, I am spent.

I am writing this so you may understand what is required to live the life of a physician anesthesiologist...

Saturday had been a blessing. No need to go in for the back-up call.

We attended the fundraiser to help raise money to continue our efforts to rebuild the emergency room.

A high-amount donor spoke, someone who is 'in partnership with the hospital', and the donation to the welcoming area of the ER was one hundred ten thousand dollars, something a lot, and it was dedicated to the doc who started our ER when the hospital first opened.

This family appreciates the care given by the hospital teams to the community, and donates their time as well.

For example, the wife runs the wig bank for the cancer patients, and even has a stylist come in to give their wigs a nice hairstyle. She feels so much better for helping the people who are suffering from cancer like one of their children had.

For that matter, the ER doc had not one but TWO children with cancer the whole time he was working in the ER...

I came in for the one booked case on  my first call weekend day.

Anthony wanted to spend the day with me. I had booked a hotel room nearby.

He enjoyed the doctor's lounge.

I couldn't even start the case because there was a form of 'medical hemodynamic crisis' anesthesia could set off. It's a kind of crisis my anesthesia drugs can't work for swings in blood pressure. I needed experts to tell me how to decrease the risk. I knew the medicine to give that should have been given to stabilize the condition but the primary care docs hadn't started it yet.

Getting consults first thing Sunday morning isn't easy to do!

Working with the family who was filled with fear and worry wasn't easy either.

I was in a medical meat-grinder.

Once the case went well, the Reiki healing (which I share with everyone, but usually starts with the patient) was to remove Fear.

I saw it, chains and strings of this black emotion--pulling from old tired energy grids, and timelines. It pulled for most of the day.

And I experienced it.

After the case, I got lunch for us at a local burger place. We had already had the Vietnamese breakfast--Vietnamese coffee (strong, over ice), egg rolls, and sandwiches with egg.  We checked in to the hotel. It was one p.m.

Anthony watched the football game. I passed out on the couch, exhausted.

I never heard the call from the hospital. I saw a text when I glanced at my phone at three thirty that the RN couldn't reach me and my backup was driving to the hospital for the four o'clock case.

Anthony had the TV so loud we never heard the phone.

I could get fired for this. First call needs to come in.

So I called and rushed and got to the hospital. Only to be diverted to a different part of the hospital where a serious (I wish I could explain more but I can't) hemorrhage was undergoing emergency definitive surgery.

I managed the transfusions and helped the anesthesiologist who was working in that part of the hospital.

The panic in the room was palpable. The surgeon was cool and calm. So was I. The nurses, and the anesthesiologist were SHOOK. It's hard to explain it. Yes the patient wasn't looking good, totally pale, and hypotensive. All trauma patients look like that too. But we aren't a trauma center, so this was one of the first times I supposed the people were seeing this, and they were dealing with it emotionally.

People followed orders, thankfully. I got what I needed--blood, spare tubing, people to check blood with me. Then I had to leave for my next case, which, surprisingly enough, was a complication to fix from that same other part of the hospital!

I finished, and came home. The case to follow had cancelled, mercifully, and Anthony was hungry and in the hotel. I made a pleasant, makeshift dinner of mac and cheese for him, warmed up zucchini sticks and onion rings for us, cantaloupe, papaya and banana from breakfast, and yogurt. It was enough.

Then we watched  a movie.  A funny one.

The minute the movie ended, the phone rang. Appendix.

I drove in to the hospital.

As I came in, my friend who had cancelled the case wanted to tack it on after the appy. I said, 'please God, no.' And he delayed it for me.

But after the appy (every case takes minimum one and a half hours for the team to come in, set up, do the work and clean up), I got a call regarding the first patient I had pumped blood on. The bleeding hadn't stopped.

I said, 'You need Novo-7'. The big dose. We have it here in the hospital, its about ten thousand dollars.

I went home to the hotel and lay in bed for one fitful hour.

But the panic at high levels, and the fear, was so high, that I got called into the angio suite, where we didn't even have an anesthesia machine set up.

I don't know how they did it but the team found it and hooked it up. I had to carry by hand drug tray, equipment, and fluid warmer and tubing for the transfusions. We technically 'have' a Level One rapid infuser, but it's being 'approved' or something. I couldn't use it.

So I prayed.

The case took forever.

No one could find the bleeding.

The Novo-7 had worked.

I got to take the patient to the ICU and go home. I worked from one a.m. to three a.m.

Fortunately, in the other part of the hospital, I had asked for a favor in return--please start my case at seven thirty and I will relieve you by eight thirty. (Yes, short staffed by two anesthesiologists so all month we have had post calls work).

Anthony couldn't get to school. I had planned to drive him during that hour, but I was too sleepy. We got late checkout and ate the breakfast at the hotel. Then I went back to work. I was scheduled to work till two, much to my dismay.

Once there I saw there had been a cancellation, and perhaps I would be relieved at ten. I made sure nobody forgot me at the hospital--and made sure I was relieved early because I had been up all night.

I was relieved by nine.

I came back to the room, and slept till noon. Twelve thirty. That's when the housekeeper knocked on the door. One knock and it wakes you, no matter how sleepy you are.

We drove to lunch, drove home, and I slept again until four p.m.

THAT's when I finally started to feel normal. I fed the pets.  I made a simple dinner of leftovers for us.

And we watched one movie before bed, Netflix, the Naked Gun.

Ordinarily on call, I would have slept any time I wasn't in the hospital. It doesn't help, but it doesn't get you as deeply sleep-deprived. Could I work with clarity the time I was in the hospital, yes. It's AFTER that's hard. And with Anthony, he wanted to enjoy my company. I couldn't sleep. HE couldn't sleep either if I wasn't in the hotel room.

Why didn't I hire a sitter?

Because I didn't want to give up a day with my son. I've worked three weekends in a row. I miss him and he misses me.

I also realize, after hotel, meals, and sitter, on a usual call I barely break even. It's not even worth it, financially. It's just something that's a part of the job I do to keep my job. 

I asked Anthony, 'am I supposed to keep using these skills? Or move on to something else? I don't know?'

He said, 'I pick up it's a little of both'.

I do too.

I asked a close friend, 'Why is it that when I save a life it takes away some of mine?'

It's a good question.

Ross is very quiet.

He's working incredibly hard, I know.

Divine Mother and her Higher Self got the head of the snake, and if it's not the head, it's really close to it. A horrible, nasty soul. It spit at her as she challenged it, and told it too must decide, heal or merge.

I think we are out of the woods.

As fires in California burn, and that adds more 'news' and 'loss'--so much heartache, including to the animals. (One of my friends is on a large animal rescue team here, and was activated to save horses...I'm so grateful for people like this)...I wait for things to get better.

Just as doctors, nurses, and technologists are a resource to the community, please know it's just that--not inexhaustible. Please do what you can to support your first responders and medical community in return.

We are running on fumes.

We lack respect that we had forty years ago.

Insurance companies are beating the s-h-i-t out of us by taking away our resources to bare bones.

Puerto Rico apparently was a key manufacture of many of our i.v. medications, especially pain meds used in surgery--morphine, dilaudid--so now we are experiencing critical shortages too.

Pray. Send love. Follow your heart if you are inclined to give (even sending donuts helps the morale!)

And enjoy as we go to this:  https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/fortification-of-ultra-dimensional-grids-completes/

Ross smiles and waves but has to focus on his projects at the moment.

clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Dirty Work

There is a word in Sicilian for the worst part of the dishes, my grandmother used to say it. I forgot the word but it sounded like 'Vasalia'.  It was the pots and pans with all the food cooked on it.

We saved them for the end. We would use the steel wool, and the powdered cleanser Comet, and SCRUB!

When I was a kid, and I would help her, she would take over at that point. I didn't have the strength to clean it past the first layer of stuff that wasn't stuck on. 

After that last push of effort, though, we were done and could start up the coffee and cookies and enjoy our family time after the meal.

I realize, as unpleasant as it may be, perhaps this last phase of the Ascension process, is sort of like the dishes...and it's time for us to find our strength and do the dirty work.

Yesterday I was supposed to work. However, my patient I was due to help has passed away suddenly in the night. Backup was no longer needed.

Anthony was home with me. We did something we haven't done in a long time and we needed to do. We cleaned up several things. And we both worked at it.

First, we decorated the house for Halloween. We hadn't in a few years. We threw out the old things like the spider that lights up, that just was broken and not working well. We also didn't do the exact same thing. We changed it up from our routine.

I have to admit, when we came home last night, it looked really good.

And this time, he put in the batteries to all the little decorations that make scary noises and are cute.

He didn't like the mess from the summer equipment. So I had him clear the shelf in the garage, and we organized it. The boogie boards and skim board are all stacked up. The beach chairs are in easy reach for me. Our coolers are lined up neatly.

I swept the garage and watered the plants.

There was one last box left from when we had a flood somewhere. It was right in front of the microwave. (our kitchen is very old, so our microwave is on a stand in the garage). I threw a lot of stuff out. It's so nice to have that room to work with.

Then we did the hardest one. I had boxes of old photos at the end of the hallway. I used to keep them in my closet, but when I made meditation space I moved them out. I can't figure out how to store them. But we arranged them by size, it's much neater, not as ugly, and I have an idea where they can go. (We can't put things in the attic, in California we don't have attics or basements. And in the garage a rat can destroy things easily.)

I also had many of Anthony's old baby clothes with the photos. He looked through them with joy, and amazement at how little he once was.  I neatly folded them, put them in a pillowcase, and put them in a different closet.

Our garden is linked with our bunny. Both chores happen together.

The garden had a huge compost pile from all the clippings from the tomatoes bushes and pumpkin vines that I had let dry. I needed to turn it over. Then after that, the rabbit cage soiled substrate goes on top, then dirt.

And the rabbit, this time, had an especially icky poopy butt.

It stinks.

Anthony can't stand the stink any more. He said, 'mom, I'm glad we got the rabbit when we got her, but when it's her time to go, I'm okay with that too. I had no idea she would be so much work!'

I didn't either.

Usually I can manage with one hand, but this time I needed him to hold her so I could use the scissors to trim the clumps off her.

This is after the sink turning immediately black once her back half goes in.

She also had urine all over her too.

The poor thing.

I love her. She's sweet and she understands she needs cleaning, even though she hates it. And she knows it's not fun for me either. She never scratches or bites.

It's a good lesson for Anthony to care for those we love, even if they aren't easy to care for.

I have to make you laugh. I found some grubs, big fat ones, in the dirt while I was working in the yard on the compost. I called Anthony to take them and give them to the turtle. She made quick work of them, and was running around the cage with one in her mouth. Anthony had never held a grub before. He was surprised at the feeling. Clean, cold, and wiggly. I was proud he had the courage to carry them to the turtle.

I told him I love being a farmer, and playing in the dirt.

I'm passing on the family tradition.  My grandfather was the one who tended to the orchards, and that's how he supported his family back in the Old Country.

My mom had passed it to me. Understanding plants is one of life's greatest joys.

I have two beautiful bright red bell peppers and a red Hungarian pepper now too. I picked them.

I also made pumpkin soup out of our pumpkin I grew and had been saving.

I can't even begin to describe the freedom I felt when I was told I could stay home while I was getting ready for work!

I cleaned the sink and unloaded both the dish rack and the dish washer.

I peeled potatoes (I never, ever do this, never have time) and fried them in olive oil for breakfast.

I made coffee, an omelette.

I also made the pumpkin soup--chicken broth from scratch that had been in the fridge, peeling and cutting the pumpkin and onion and parsley. I had it simmer all morning.

And I made two loaves of zucchini bread which if you ask me they turned out excellent!

I sliced up banana, cantaloupe, and papaya.

I had KAPA radio playing Hawaiian music, and it was the stuff dreams are made of, a morning like this!

Anthony said that breakfast doesn't get better than what we had.

I agree.

A colleague did a favor for me.

On Wednesday, I had Anthony's backpack in the back seat. I took it to work by mistake. Usually it's in the trunk but his camping gear had taken all the room.

She was post call, worked till four, but she brought it to him on the way home. I was working late.

I felt 'nudged' to give her the second loaf of the zucchini bread.

I carried it carefully wrapped and in a Stater Brothers bag to the Fall Gala.

It looked terrible, I knew, but I needed to do a favor for her back.

I kept it under the table at the fancy gathering once I sat down.

She didn't show.

At the end of the evening, Ross nudged me to give it to the woman on my left, a busy mom with three kids in soccer, who runs the board during the day (all the cases and their staffing and room assignments).  I asked her if she would like it for her kids so she doesn't have to cook breakfast on Sunday?

She said yes, and was delighted.

I told her it was made with lots of love.

She had never been to a fundraiser gala. We had extra tickets for our group, and our boss invited three nurses. They dressed beautifully. I know them and have been to staff parties. Amazing women!

People noticed how Anthony has grown.   He was my date. He always is. He loves it.

And he likes to donate.

We won two silent auctions and I gave $250 for the new ER.

Some people made a point to come and say hello to him, and shake his hand. I appreciated it so much. I told him he would need to tie his tie for the first time, and I heard him asking Siri to get a video to show him how.

He's growing up, and learning good things.

You can do it too.

You can move mountains of energy blockages which have been holding you back.

Accept that we can't do this Life thing alone.

We are a community.

We need to help each other.

After the dirty work comes the rewards.

Start with you, your heart, your fears and let them go.

Feel your feelings which have been buried for long time, possibly lifetimes, and the fears which have been handed down to you by your ancestors.

Let go.

See how you make a difference in the lives of those around you.

In our case, it's rabbit, turtle, bird, boy, and hospital. I made difference here with Ross too, but I can't see the results as clearly as I can when I do the laundry, you know. I TRUST that there is a difference.

The best helping hand is at the end of your own arm.

And if you need a little help it's okay to ask for help from others.

Play nice.

This brings Gaia great joy.

I also had a gift from Great Spirit yesterday.

On the drive home I saw coyote. Very healthy. Running wild and free by the road.

I love coyote.

And for all it stands for.

Ross is clapping. I'm late for work again!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team Captains <3