Reiki And Medicine

Objective of This Blog:  to add both spiritual and conventional healing for the good of the patient

Things Reiki:


  1. I am a nurse with hospice. I see the physical pain and the agonizing end of life process every day at work. But, I also see through performing reiki, pain eases. Since patients' levels of controlled narcotics are at a maximum level, reiki has the ability to break through the pain, becoming an effective way of relieving pain. If treatment is about the dignity of these patients, it would be wonderful to see more hospice homes utilizing alternative methods in easing and treating the spiritual and physical being, rather than have those at end of life clinging to medications that sustain only until the next dose is administered.

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing Reiki and the power of source love. For many the fact that you are and M.D. Give Reiki the credibility it truly deserves. Bless you for your consciousness and care.

  3. i did not think right about Reiki , now it seems i am willing to learn more about it .Gracias amigo thank a lot .